Web Marketing For
Findability and Success

Web site promotion & marketing service for maximum Search Engine results,
findability & Web site success.

Don't send a little boat onto the sea with no sails, engine, or charts. You will never get to your destination and will probably sunk before being seen. Findability is your destination. Promotion is your engine. This plan in one of your primary charts.

  • Step 1: Create a site with the structure for findability built in.
  • Step 2: Submit the Home Page to the Search Engines & Directories.
  • Step 3: Establish an ongoing plan for monitoring your findability.

Evaluation & Recommendations To Maximize Findability:
This includes the following:

  • a worksheet for determining the site's Key Words
  • determining your present ranking in all 9 Search Engines
  • specific recommentations for modifying the site

Implementing The Recommendations

  • Your Web Developer: Their Hourly Rate
  • Our Implementation: $50.00 For the Home Page, $35.00 Each Additional Page
Fee depends on who modifies.
3. Search Engines
  • Submission To 8 Major Search Engines
    • The Home Page URL
    • All Web Site URL's Beyond Home Page
  • Submissions Of Home Page To 250+ Locations
  • Quarterly Research of Search Engine Position
    • 2 Page Printout / No Evaluation
    • 2 Page Printout / With Extensive Evaluation


4. Submission To Major General and Industry-specific Directories $50.00/hr.
5. Locating Sites For Reciprocal/Cross Linking $50.00/hr.
6. Researching Banner Advertising Locations $50.00/hr.

Direct Email Marketing

  • To targeted lists of subscribers who have requested to receive announcements for a particular field.
  • To purchased email lists.
$50.00/hr. plus list costs
8. Internet Press Releases $500 & up
9. Marketing on News Groups $50.00/hr.

Contact person: Annie Kook
(650) 738-2600
(650) 359-6131 fax
E-mail: [email protected]