FAQ's: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Infographex's payment and approval process?
A deposit is required. Client projects are completed in several phases with payments tied to the successful completion of project milestones.

What is the revision process and how many are included in the estimate?
The estimate includes two revision rounds after presentation of working site, not to exceed a predisclosed amount of production hours. All further revisions requested after second round are billed hourly in addition to original estimate.

How will the communication and review process work?
Infographex constructs and maintains a custom Project Site for each client to facilitate the review and approval process. All design revisions will be posted on a Client Project Site.

What are your fees?
Our project estimates are based on an hourly rate of $60 to $120, depending on rush deadlines and special services.

Contact person: Annie Kook
(650) 738-2600
(650) 359-6131 fax
E-mail: [email protected]